The SMART system for service management of ports, campsites and parking areas

Goodbye cash, cards and risky fixed pricing.
Integrate all services into a single APP and exploit the potential of the CLOUD!

CloudEnergy is the first smart system designed in Italy that enables modern, fast and secure management of marina’s pedestals, consumption and services in ports, campsites and unsupervised parking areas

The smart solution allows you to monitor electricity and water consumption recorded by pedestals directly from a PC or smartphone and integrate services into a single App.

From electricity and water dispensing pedestals to management of pedestrian entrances and car parks. From toilets, showers and swimming pools to charging stations for electric vehicles and more!

CloudEnergy transforms pedestals into powerful monitoring tools and modern data recorders.

With CloudEnergy you can say no to

  • manual consumption reading and fixed pricing
  • prepaid cards and keys
  • electricity and water theft among customers
  • misuse of resources and excessive utility consumption
  • long queues at desks for guest requests and assistance
  • guest reports if pedestals are out of service
  • installation of multiple service management applications. With a single app, you can manage marina’s pedestals and services, and integrate popular management and administration systems including Navis

CloudEnergy can offer you a complete all-round solution

From design to installation: whether you need to build a new system from scratch or modernize your marina while maintaining the infrastructure you already have, CloudEnergy has the fully turnkey solution with a complete system of software, pedestals, devices and maintenance 7 days a week

Management with a 100% Cloud-based App

CloudEnergy is really easy to use:

  • we install the SMART marina’s pedestals in the port or campsite without the need for specific wiring
  • there is no need to download additional software or install external servers in the facility: it’s all in the Cloud!
  • Manage pedestals and integrated services directly with a click from your PC or Smartphone, even remotely
  • there is no need to worry about backing up or saving data


At CloudEnergy, we work with partners such as Gigieffe with more than 40 years of experience in designing and production of a wide range of electricity and water pedestals for ports and campsites.

From the choice of software components to the materials used to construct the pedestals, with CloudEnergy you get the best of the breed.

4.0 pedestals? The future of connections

Utility pedestals
in ports and campsites

The app manages several scattered plants with simultaneous multi-user accesses and measures the per capita consumption in a timely manner. Get total control of costs, track actual consumption and match actual payments

Self-service pedestals
for unsupervised parking areas

CloudEnergy allows you to automate a remote site by giving access to electricity and water with a self-service system. The guest pays by debit/credit card and accesses the services independently

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What happens if you use CloudEnergy?

Is it time to modernize your marina?

CloudEnergy can also offer you a technological restyling solution

Tax breaks. The future of technological innovation for ports and campsites is CloudEnergy

The CloudEnergy solution, verified by CRS Laghi – Technology Transfer Center 4.0 accredited by UnionCamere, complies with the requirements for obtaining tax breaks, where available, thanks to its interconnection system between hardware, web software and management ports.

If you would like to learn more about CloudEnergy, our professionals are on hand to provide you with all the information you need.


If you would like to learn more about CloudEnergy, we will put you our professionals available to provide you with all the information you need