"There is real progress only when the benefits of a new technology become for everyone." Henry Ford

Accelerating digitisation of marinas and campsites 

We are a team of professionals with a passion for technology and smart connections.

We have been pioneers in business transformation solutions in Italy, supporting hundreds of organisations and companies in the delicate process of technological change since 1983.

We keep pace with the rapid changes brought by IT innovations, ensuring relevance to our customers’ specific business needs to maximise revenue generation by leveraging the latest cloud, big data and IoT technologies.

Drawing on our experiences in the IT and industrial automation sectors, in 2019 we designed “CloudEnergy,” an integrable, easy and secure system for managing pedestals and services in marinas and campsites

Our mission? Transforming pedestals in marinas and campsites into SMART systems and technology HUBs for all services, accelerating technological transformation in marinas and campsites

The aim of CloudEnergy is to support digitisation of marinas and campsites by transforming charging stations into true smart devices capable of monitoring real costs, actual consumption and service access for each individual guest. All this is possible by exploiting the potential of the CLOUD and the integration capacity that IOT technology brings to automate service management processes.

CloudEnergy is how we see the future: a SMART system capable of integrating different services managed through a single solution that can be used on PCs and smartphones from anywhere in the world.

Energy resource management technology is no longer a utopia with CloudEnergy

Even tourist marinas and campsites can exploit technological resources to generate virtuous models for resource management, cost control and waste reduction.

Why CloudEnergy

Service 7 days a week and guaranteed reliability

We do not like imprecision and our motto is: “It’s smart if it works!”. For us, service and reliability are two fundamental aspects in our work. We take meticulous care of all phases of the installation project. All components must be perfectly integrated to ensure the best possible design within each facility


Euro Pivetti CEO
Marco Colli COO 
Massimiliano Cavandoli Technical Specialist 
Fabrizio Vantaggio Senior Software Engineer
Maurizio Luzzi Sales Manager 
Tommaso Casalini Sales Specialist