SMART pedestals for marinas and campsites


Aquarius is the Smart dispensing pedestal suitable for marine environments. It features high resistance to UV radiation, accidental impact and weathering. Aquarius
consists of elements made of reinforced thermosetting SMC and BMC, which are hot-moulded to make them smooth and resistant to compression.
They are class VO self-extinguishing with a thickness of 4.5 mm according to UL94.
Aquarius’ structure withstands even the most extreme temperatures (-40°C to +110°C)


Domyna is the only dispenser that can be replaced quickly if the body breaks without cutting off the electricity and water supply service. Domyna consists of a structure suitable for marine environments with high resistance to UV rays, accidental impacts, and weathering, formed by a removable outer shell composed of two easily replaceable elements.
Located inside is an an equipment support head and an internal base, all made of reinforced thermosetting SMC and BMC.


At CloudEnergy, we are working with partners such as Gigieffe with more than 40 years of experience in the design and implementation of power and water pedestals for ports and campsites.

From the choice of components to build the software to the materials used to build the pedestals, you get the most out of the devices on the market with CloudEnergy.