Smart dispensers for ports and campsites with CloudEnergy

Technology can give your guests a memorable experience

Automatic enrollment via credentials or Qrcode

Secure and automatic charge management, including by credit card

Automatic service blocking in the event of fraudulent use

Access to all services provided by the facility remotely: gates, bike rentals, parking, tennis court....

Immediate access to all services via Smartphone, Totem, barcode or RFID wristband

Activation/deactivation of utilities independently, even remotely

Careful measurement of actual consumption and display of history

Chat support for reporting faults, damage, support requests

The services offered by CloudEnergy

Keep track of each guest’s actual costs and collections from a single dashboard and manage recovery or debit activities in a timely manner

Tracks actual per capita consumption of utilities in real time and reports any excess abuse or anomalies to the individual guest

Whether credit/debit card, prepaid balance or cash payments with CloudEnergy track every payment, credits running out and activate any new charges

Integrate CloudEnergy with the reservation and management systems you already use and manage pedestrian and parking access, restrooms, showers, electric vehicle charging and more with a click!

The services offered by CloudEnergy

Quickly display the list of available dispensers, their status (free/busy/out of service) and consumption dispensed.
Alerts or malfunctions are reported via SMS or EMAIL

Through sensors installed in the dock you always know if the boat is
present in his berth

Through the dispensing towers you can allow your guests to use wi-fi

Manage and facilitate access to restrooms and showers via RFID wristband

The services offered by CloudEnergy

Controls and individual entrances to user and vehicle parking lots

Download up-to-date access reports, monitor usage statistics, check payment summaries. Keep track of the consumption of each individual

CE remotely detects malfunctions and automatically stops dispensing in case of misuse

Reduce technical interventions on the pedestals and Lower maintenance and replacement costs for solenoid valves

Smart Electric Charging: manage electric boat charging and car and bike charging stations within your facility with one app

With CloudEnergy you can customize and build your own tailored solution

Discover additional modules to unlock the potential of CloudEnergy